Learn the Norwegian Alphabets And Pronunciation

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The first and most important lesson while learning Norwegian or any language is to learn the alphabets and the proper pronunciation. Please do not proceed further without learning this because it will hinder your speech of the language.

As I had mentioned in the earlier post, if you know the English language then learning Norwegian is a bit easier. Below is a list of the alphabets in the Norwegian language. As you can see, the letters are the same as in English. Except that there are three additional letters i.e. æ, ø and å.

To listen to the pronunciations of each alphabet, just click on each of the letters.

Letter Pronunciation Description
 A a
 ah  English “a” in father
 B b
 beh  be in before
 C c
 seh  c in celebrate
 D d
 deh  d in detour
 E e
 eh  e in enemy
 F f
 eff  f in four
 G g
 geh  English “g” in get
 H h
 haw  h in haul/help
 I i
 ee  ee in see
 J j
 yod or yeh  y in yes
 K k
 kaw  k in kitten
 L l
 ell  l in letter
 M m
 emm  m in money
 N n
 enn  n in no
 O o
 ooo  o in oolalah
 P p
 peh  p in people
 Q q
 koo  qu in quick
 R r
 err  English “r” in ring
 S s
 ess  s in something
 T t
 teh  t in ten
 U u
 oo  oo in balloon
 V v
 veh  v in very
 W w
 dobbelveh  v in vessel
 X x
 eks  x in x-ray
 Y y
 iy  say ee while pucking your lips
 Z z
 sett  s in self
 Æ æ
 a  English “a” in cat/bad
 Ø ø
 uh  u in hurt
 Å å
 awe  aw in paw

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I repeat once again that please do not continue further without fully mastering the pronunciation of the alphabets. It is the key to speaking and understanding complete Norwegian.

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27 thoughts on “Learn the Norwegian Alphabets And Pronunciation”

  1. So far this is easy for me. It is hard only because I have no one to speak the language too. My husband although he is Norge, doesn’t speak it. German is his second language.

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