Hi, I am Kevin. I am a Norwegian learner from Mumbai, India. By profession, I am a software developer working with mobile and POS terminals.

So why is a guy from India learning Norwegian?

In 2008, I had the opportunity to visit Oslo, Norway as part of my work. I lived there for around a year and a half. I found Norway to be a very beautiful country and my Norwegian colleagues friendly and hospitable.

I started learning Norwegian as a hobby and got hooked! Like you, I searched the Internet to find good resources for beginner’s Norwegian. I found some good resources like I have mentioned at https://norwegianmentor.com/resources but they were just basic and not adequate enough.

The first good resource that I found was a book mentioned by one of my colleagues. The book was Teach Yourself Complete Norwegian and I found it to be the best book for beginners to learn the Norwegian language.

Slowly I was improving at my Norwegian skills and one day a friend recommended that I should try the Norwegian Tests. So I studied for the Norsk Prøve 2 and successfully passed both the written and the oral tests.

I have also collected all my lessons on Norwegian vocabulary and grammar into an ebook, Beginning Norwegian.

Why you should subscribe to my website?

I started this website to provide beginners like you and me with free Norwegian lessons that will guide you till you are fluent enough to hold Norwegian conversations.

An added benefit of the Norwegian lessons I provide are that it will help you succeed at the Norwegian tests if you do apply for them.

I keep creating ebooks that will help you with learning Norwegian. So do check out my books section.

I also keep updating a list of resources for learning Norwegian that I find on the Internet.

Here are a few of the Norwegian lessons you will learn on this website.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to see you succeed in learning Norwegian!

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  1. Hey Kevin. Thanks for helping us with things that would take us load of time to access. A friend just recommended your lessons after my Norsk class i dag.

    I have to ask for a big favor, though. This is completely unrelated to Norsk. I’m setting up a website and I”m planning to buy this WordPress theme called Catalyst (http://catalysttheme.com/). I’ve already bought the domain name and hosting plan. Problem though is I know nothing about these things. Also I stay in a very small town in Northern Norway (Svolvær) where its very hard to find any one to help me with this. This is compounded by the fact that I don’t have any friends here. Any help that you can offer will much appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Hi Kevin,
    Thank you. That will help. In fact, my host(Dreamhost) installs word press for clients who want that service. Problem is I want to tweak many things here and there yet I literately don’t know anything about websites. What i need is kind of an advanced install of WordPress. My knowledge of this stuff on a scale of 1-10 is ”one”!

    Talking about Norsk, what is your advice on nailing the correct pronunciation? Thanks

    • Since you are in Norway, you should try learning the pronunciation from a Norwegian. There are also many free tutorials on the Internet. Search Google and Youtube.

  3. Hi,
    I am in Mumbai now and want to buy the book
    Teach yourself complete Norwagein.
    Where can I buy it from?
    Could you please tell me if there is any weekend classes available for this here in mumbai?


    • Hi Tariq,

      Unfortunately there is no local version of the book available. But you can buy the imported version from online sites like below:

  4. Hi Kevin …. I’m French but using your site as I can speak English. I bought myself the Assimil method with MP3 but I think your lessons will be a formidable resource for me as well as an agreable change. Thanks a lot already for the list of 500 words. Could you give me a name of a good Norwegian/English dictionary not too expensive. I have looked on the net but they are awfully expensive if I order them from Norway.
    I want to learn Norwegian so I’ll be able to manage to welcome our Scandinavian customers in my future pub !!

  5. Great introductory lessons, Kevin! For all you out there planning to start learning norwegian basics, you can also check out http://norwegian24.no. You will find a lot of useful writing, listening and reading exercises there. Check it ot and tell us what you think !

  6. Hi,
    thank you guys for your great effort to publish your ideas,
    I am very new to this language also very excited to learn it,
    I have collected most of the materials and,
    I need some advice in pronunciation as I don’t have very listening resources.


  7. Hi kevin

    this is Rahul

    can i get to know ur contact no?

    need guidence to learn this Language .

    can we get in touch on facebook.

    else u can contact me


    reply awaited

  8. Dear Kevin,

    Thank you so much for your book and website- they are such wonderful resources!!
    I am from the UK and, by chance, brought a beginners Norwegian book having always been fascinated by all things Scandinavian.
    I do find the pronunciation of Norwegian especially challenging so what I like about your book I like how your book gives audio examples and that it is written by someone who has experienced learning the language.

    I really hope you will continue making these great resources and thanks again


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