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Because Norwegian is not a common language in the world, it’s a bit difficult to find good resources and training materials on the Internet. This website is an attempt to provide those resources that will help learn the Norwegian language.

As Learn Norwegian is growing everyday and spreading on the Internet with thousands of visitors every month, it would be a good idea to promote your services and products by a low price advertisement.

Simple Site Statistics:

  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 2500+
  • Monthly page views: 6000+
  • Subscribers: 8500+

Audience Profile:

  • Virtually all our readers want to learn Norwegian online or offline.
  • Many of these readers are interested in appearing for the Norsk Prøve.
  • Many of these readers are interested in completing approved Norwegian courses.

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Please note that we will only allow advertisements that are beneficial to our readers. No pornographic or offensive advertising is allowed. We are also open to product reviews or other forms of advertising if they are beneficial to our readers.

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