Norwegian Online Courses

  2. Skapago
  3. Lingu
  4. Inlearn
  5. Norwegian Teaching
  6. Campus Online
  7. Norwegian On The Web
  8. Norwegian Course
  9. Norsk Grammatik Kort Forklart
  10. Norwegian101
  11. Memrise
  12. Norwegian Academy
  13. iTalki

Norwegian Offline Courses

  1. Folkeuniversitet
  2. University of Oslo
  3. Alfaskolen
  4. Inlearn
  5. Fremmedspråkskole
  6. Norwegian Course
  7. Learn Norwegian
  8. List of approved trainers

Norwegian Books

  1. Teach Yourself Complete Norwegian (Read my review here)
  2. The Mystery of Nils
  3. Norwegian Verbs And Essentials of Grammar
  4. Beginning Norwegian
  5. Norsk Nå
  6. Norsk På 1-2-3
  7. Ny i Norge
  8. På Vei
  9. Enkel Norsk Grammatik
  10. Norsk Grammatik
  11. Deichmanske Biblioteket

Norwegian Groups

  1. Norskklassen Yahoo Group
  2. Ja, jeg snakker (litt) Norsk – Yes I speak (a little) Norwegian Facebook Group
  3. Learn Norwegian – Lær norsk! 🙂 Facebook Group/
  4. Learn Norwegian Naturally
  5. Norsk Språk
  6. UniLang

Norwegian Language Websites

  1. Norwegian Language (General information)
  2. Lang 8 (Language reading/writing with correction)
  3. DuoLingo (Good site to practice/learn Norwegian)

Norwegian Audio

  2. Klar Tale
  3. Norwegian Children’s Songs
  4. More Norwegian Children’s Songs
  5. One Minute Norwegian
  6. NRK Torrents

Norwegian Video

  1. Karin Bjerga’s Videos
  2. Norsk Språk
  3. Norwegian Class Videos
  4. Transparent Norwegian Videos
  5. NRK TV Programmes
  6. NRK Super Children TV Programmes
  7. Learn Norwegian Naturally
  8. Ett Skritt Foran
  9. Norgally
  10. Skole TV

Norwegian Radio

  1. Online Norwegian radio
  2. Listen Live
  3. Radio Play
  4. Radio Nova

Norwegian Flash Cards

  1. Flash Cards
  2. Anki

Norwegian Keyboard

  1. Type It

Norwegian Dictionary

  1. Official Norwegian Dictionary
  2. Norwegian-English Dictionary
  3. Google Translate
  4. Norwegian Picture Dictionary
  5. Norwegian Visual Dictionary
  6. Norsk Engelsk Ordbok
  7. Norwegian Verb Conjugator
  8. Ordbasen
  9. Oslo University Dictionary

Norwegian Verb Conjugator

  1. Cooljugator

Norwegian Games

  1. Some Norwegian Games
  2. 100 Essential Words Quiz

19 thoughts on “Resources”

  1. Thanks for this post, Kevin. Indeed, it’s very difficult to find resources to learn Norwegian, which I know all too well. For the last 2 weeks I’ve been trying to start my Norwegian studies (whether successful or not time will tell) and it has been difficult – especially in Canada there are not too many printed materials available. You website helps a lot.

    One thing I would add to your list: – this is an online course prepared by Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, which is supposed to take the learner through levels A1 and A2. I’ve been finding it very useful – it even has a downloadable pdf textbook.

    Anyway, thanks again for this website that you prepared. I’m planning to add it to my resources and check it out often.

    • Thanks for your comment, Marta 🙂

      Yes, Norwegian on the Web is one of the few good resources freely available for learning Norwegian.

      Keep learning Norwegian. Slowly and steadily you will become good at it 🙂

  2. Nice work!
    I spent 4 years in Norway to get a degree. Since I have been away from Norway for 4 years, I can hardly speak Norwegian now. I hope to find some resources to learn it again. Now I find one!

  3. Hi Kevin,

    For the sake of work, I have been to Norway for 4 times and every time I always brought learning books in my suitcase.

    I live in Shanghai, China. As you know, that the NRK website is forbidden here. Can you find some website that provide both news listening and its manuscript in norwegian. I think it is important for training the ability of listening comprehension.

    Thank you for your dedication for this website.

    • Hi Manfred,

      You can check for listening to Norwegian news with the text.
      You can check Norwegian radio at

      Also check out the plugin “Language Immersion” for Google Chrome. It helps to translate text on a webpage to any language you want with the audio. Useful to learn Norwegian words. You can have a website in Chinese with words/audio in Norwegian.

  4. Thanks.

    Suggestion:s time to start sharing “app”‘s for smartphones. Surprisingly, there’re many and not bad at all. Most offer free and paid resources, it’s worth dowloading apps just for their free contents!

  5. Hi,


    We have a requirement of Norwegian Trainer at Bangalore Location (India). If you have any suitable profile in India, request you share those profiles or contact numbers along with us.

  6. The Univeristy of Oslo where I am currently studying, and also taking a Norwegian Course. I have to say Your website has helped me greatly throughout.
    The university has a good Resource for working out the gender of Norwegian Words (kind of Dictionary)


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