Learn About Nouns in Norwegian Part 2

In the last post, we began to learn about nouns in norwegian part 1. We learnt some of the Hankjønn (Male Gender) nouns. Remember that you need to learn the gender of a noun along with the noun because the rules of Norwegian grammar are different for each of the genders. So while learning a … Read more

Learn About Nouns in Norwegian Part 1

As you may know, a noun is a name for a person or a thing. For example, Kevin is a noun, vegetable is a noun, etc. Learning about nouns in Norwegian is probably one of the more difficult things. Why? Because nouns in Norwegian can be classified into three categories based on gender,  Hankjønn (en) Male Gender … Read more

Fill Your Personal Details in Norwegian

While in Norway, you may need to fill in your personal details in some forms whether you apply for a bank account or a tax certificate or a change of address. Quite often the forms may be in Norwegian (unless you are lucky to get an English version).  So it’s quite useful to know some of … Read more

Let’s Learn Some Numbers in Norwegian

We use numbers a lot in our every day lives especially when we are buying (or selling) stuff at the stores. Just as in any other language, numbers in Norwegian are one of the most important (and easy) things to learn. You just need to learn them as is. By the way, tall means numbers in Norwegian. So … Read more

Learn to Tell About Yourself in Norwegian

You learnt how to introduce yourself in Norwegian. So you go to a pub in Oslo and you meet this nice Norwegian girl and introduce yourself. Now what? Fear not and keep learning. Here are a few simple sentences to add to your conversation. Norwegian English  Jeg heter Kevin Rodrigues. My name is Kevin Rodrigues.  Jeg … Read more

Learn How To Say Yes in Norwegian

In Norwegian, there are two words that mean Yes. One is Ja and the other is Jo. What’s the difference between the two and when should you use one or the other? The rule is as below: When we are answering a question which has an ikke or ingen in it we should always use … Read more

Three Ways To Answer Questions In Norwegian

There are three ways you can answer a simple question in Norwegian. I call them “the lazy way”, “the echo way”, and “the smart way”. By a simple question I mean questions like “Liker du norsk?”.   1. The lazy way The lazy way to answer a simple question in Norwegian is to just use … Read more

Learn Norwegian Question Words

One of the best ways to have a conversation is to ask questions. And you can’t ask questions without question words. While you learnt how to introduce yourself in Norwegian, you learnt the two question sentences: Hva heter du? Hvor kommer du fra? Below are some of the words in Norwegian that will help you frame … Read more

How to Introduce Yourself in Norwegian

Before you read any of the posts teaching Norwegian remember to Learn the Norwegian Alphabets and Pronunciation as well as Learn the Norwegian Diphthongs. OK, now that you know the Norwegian pronunciation let’s learn how to introduce yourself in Norwegian.  Hei! As you may have guessed, this means “Hi” in English. It’s a very common … Read more

Learn the Norwegian Diphthongs

A diphthong is a complex speech sound or glide that begins with one vowel and gradually changes to another vowel within the same syllable. Did not understand what it means? Well, don’t worry, I didn’t either 🙂 What is important to understand the various sounds so that you can speak and understand these sounds like a … Read more