An Easy Way To Complete 50 Hours of Norwegian Social Studies Online

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Why do you need to study the 50 hours of Norwegian social studies?

You need to study the 50 hours of Norwegian social studies if you are an immigrant in Norway and want to apply for permanent residence or apply for Norwegian citizenship. Click here to know how to apply for permanent residence in Norway.

What is the 50 hours of Norwegian social studies?

The 50 hours of Norwegian social studies provides:

  • knowledge about important historical, social, economic, cultural, legal and political events and institutions in Norway, and ability to express this knowledge.
  • knowledge about his or her own rights, opportunities and duties in the Norwegian society, and ability to use this knowledge in everyday life.
  • ability to reflect upon and discuss basic values and challenges in the Norwegian society related to democracy, equality and human rights, and ability to to express his or her own opinions about these matters.

How can I study the 50 hours of Norwegian social studies?

If you are not eligible for free municipal tuition then you can study these 50 hours of Norwegian social studies with an approved course provider. These approved course providers can be online or offline classes.

Is there a way to complete these 50 hours of Norwegian social studies online?

Yes, you can complete the 50 hours of Norwegian social studies using the online course at Lingu.

What are the benefits of studying the course at Lingu?

  • The course is online so it can be completed at your convenience.
  • Lingu is accredited by Vox so you get a certificate when you complete the course.

How does the course work?

The course contains video lessons, interactive exercises, reading, quizzes, and instructor-led classes conducted in a virtual classroom. In a period of 7 weeks, a new topic and new lessons will be introduced every week. You have access to the online lessons for 6 months and can complete the course at your own pace. In order to pass the course you need to complete all lessons and attend the virtual classroom lessons.

Here is a video overview of what the social studies course at Lingu offers.

What are the contents of the course?

The course contains seven lessons on the following topics:

  1. New immigrant in Norway
  2. History, geography and way of life
  3. Children and family
  4. Health
  5. Education and learning
  6. Working life
  7. Democracy and welfare society

For each lesson, you need to go through the video, audio, and text lessons. At the end of each lesson, there is a test that you need to pass to clear the course. Your results for each lesson are shown in the Achievements section as shown below.


What I liked about the course?

Online course: The course is online which is especially helpful for a working person like me who can attend the course from home.

Good teachers: The teachers for the course are knowledgeable and teach the lessons at a comfortable, easy to understand pace.

Easy user interface: The interface of the course is very easy to use. Below is a screenshot of the dashboard at Lingu.


Online forum: There is an online forum at Lingu. So if you have any questions about the course, you can easily discuss with others.

Chat system:  Lingu has a chat system with a public chat room where you can ask your questions.

Virtual classroom: Lingu uses WebEx Meetings to facilitate virtual classrooms with the teacher and other students. The schedule for these can be seen on the dashboard.

Would I recommend this course to you?

I would recommend this Social Studies Course to anyone who wants to apply for a Permanent Residence Permit and requires to complete the 50 hours of Norwegian social studies. It’s a very convenient way to complete the course online while at the same time interacting with the teachers and other students in the virtual classroom.

How do I book the course?

  1. To book the course, go to the link, 50 Hours Of Social Studies At Lingu.
  2. Click on the “Book this course” button for the course you want to attend. You can choose the 25 hours, 50 hours or the fast track social studies course.
  3. You have the option to pay via Invoice, Credit Card or PayPal.

Disclosure: I only do an honest review of products that I have personally used and feel would be the most beneficial to learners. This review helps support this website and I thank my readers and Lingu for it.

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